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  • At SikSilk we are fans of men's urban culture and this is embodied in the style of our SikSilk men's t-shirts.

    What type of t-shirt are you looking for?

    A short-sleeved men's cotton T-shirt? Great choice! Easy to wear every day - after the gym or on a special night out with friends.

    Or maybe you'd prefer a basic long-sleeved men's t-shirt? We have these too and they look great with a pair of Chinos and SikSilk Faze Black footwear for example. Give it a go!

    If you like men's vest tops best, then wear them with jeans and you'll look fantastic and be ready for anything! Or wear a vest top with a short-sleeved open shirt for a casual look.

    Wearing SikSilk is a statement - to the world and yourself - that you look after yourself, like fashion and that comfort can be combined with good taste.

    Urban style: originality, quality and design. A must! Are you joining the SikSilk movement? #siksilk #followthemovement